The trip to Dominican Republic was awesome. You did not mislead us when selecting the resort. The water is beautiful and the thick white sand felt so good to walk in. Everything went really smooth. Flights were good, found the Delta blue shirt guy when we got to the airport and he got us on the right van to the resort. The resort was gorgeous as you know. Check in was really smooth and we had been upgraded to ocean view rooms. We were in building 5 on the 5th floor. Our rooms were about 8 units apart from each other but worked out fine. They took us up to our rooms and looked out and could not believe the view. The rooms are so nice and big.

Nice guy Oliver was our butler. We wasted no time after getting there to get our suits on and head to the beach. We did make friends with Michael at the P.C. bar and one gal at the Rosewater that we kept using to make us Choc. Monkey drinks. Several of the gals on the beach were really nice and fun to visit with also. Overall I would give all the staff an A. They were so nice and wanted to be helpful. Made it easy to want to be able to tip them.

There are plenty of places to eat but I must admit I was a little disappointed in the food. I guess I am to use to American food. LOL I was surprised at how bland all the food seemed to be. I found something I could eat at all of them but felt like the food in Jamaica at the Sandals Montego bay was better. The drinks were good at both places. That Market Cafe is huge! The guy that did our meal at the Himitsu was very entertaining. That was our best meal I thought.

On Tuesday we did a Safari trip with the delta vacation people that came to the resort. It was okay but would not have the need to do it a second time. Was good to see some of the culture there and where the people live but would have rather had the day at the beach. I did not like the luncheon that was served on that trip and could have done without them taking us to some beach to swim for 45 min. or so. Just made for a long day. The gentleman that was there from Delta did give us all the details about when and how they would pick us up on Thursday to go to the airport. He even gave us his cell number in case we needed anything else while we were there.

The weather was really good while we were there. Seaweed was not an issue until during the night Tuesday night the winds picked up a little and there was a lot of seaweed on Wednesday on the resort. Jeannie and Susan waded out through it but I could not bring myself to do so. The crazy thing was on Thursday morning we got up early and walked down to the beach and it was almost all gone. Was like the tide came and swept it back out. Could always find a lounge chair in the shade at the beach and that was good. Pools were super nice and so well taken care of.

Never once did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable. No one approached us on the beach about buying anything and never had or even saw anyone out on the beach trying to sell any kinds of drugs. I would for sure recommend Secrets Cap Cana to anyone.

We met a lot of nice couples who were there getting married or their on their honeymoon. Think they all got a kick out of us old ladies traveling together and having a good time. We would run into them on the property and they would stop and talk. Met a really nice couple from K.C. that were there and Sheri had a great time dancing with him at the bar. Good thing his wife was such a good sport. Visited quite awhile with a guy and his wife from Scotland who were in the D.R. for the first time.

We all did a massage. It was great and the hydro pool was cool. Instead of using the resort coupons they gave us each 25% off since we were staying in the P.C. Spa was a little pricey but we decided not an every day thing you treat yourself to.

We noticed they are building a Hyatt resort next to Secrets which is to open in the fall of 2019. We decided we would be more than happy to go review it if they offer good discounts to get people to come and then we could compare it to Secrets and give you a report on how it compares. You could come along also.

After all the hassles in Sept. it must have all meant to fall in place like it did as it was a great trip. Thank you for all your patience in working with us and helping us.

Now have to think about 2019.

I gave your number and name to a nurse I work with by the name of Jessica. Her and her hubby are wanting to plan a trip out of the states towards the end of the year for their 10th wedd. anniv. Told her I was sure you could come up with suggestions so you may hear from her one of these days.

Vacations always go by so quick.

Thanks again,


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